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Now that President Museveni has not assented to the much anticipated Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Uganda is back where it all begun. Endless debates, that occupy minds, newspaper space and social media.

It is very significant that the attempt to have a law against homosexuality shows that in Uganda, the notion of a man marrying or sleeping with a man and the same happening to a woman is regarded as abominable.

Most people detest it.
It does not matter whatever the arguments that have been put forward to justify homosexuality the leading one being that, what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is their own business.

To counter this (more…)

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Bidandi raps Museveni in book

Bidandi Ssali with Kirundi Kivejinja and Kintu Musoke have written a book together

Bidandi Ssali with Kirundi Kivejinja and Kintu Musoke have written a book together

A new book due to be launched today offers another critical assessment of President Museveni, 28 years since he took charge of Uganda.

But the book, co-authored by three friends who have all worked with the president, perhaps sums up the divided opinion on Mr Museveni; one friend is overly critical, another is full of praises, while a third chooses to say nothing about the president.

Former ministers Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, Kirunda Kivejinja and Kintu Musoke are set to launch their 334-page book on the achievements—and failings—of the ruling NRM and their long time friendship, among other things.

In The Sapoba Legacy, Bidandi Ssali, who was (more…)

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Uganda’s higher education chocking

HIGHER education in Uganda, one would confidently say, is hanging on a thread. Simply put, it is just a matter of time before if goes down crashing, if nothing is quickly done.

Shortened school practices, congested lecture rooms, food rationing in university kitchens and reduced allowances, are just a slice of what goes on in Uganda’s universities.

But that is not all. Paying lecturers low salaries, hiring inadequate staff, failure to expand and ignoring staff development plans are just part of what universities are going through, to keep afloat with their low funding. There are a number of compromises in quality of education and the range of academic programmes offered.

Parents are also (more…)

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What Africa must learn from China

2013_1largeimg208_Jan_2013_103735010blogAS you approach Guangzhou airport the view of a modern city covering 7,434 square km captures 30-years of China’s economic development.

Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province in China, has trade links with Africa. About 350,000 Africans visited the province in 2010 for business and several others work there.

The province’s GDP $841b is many times bigger than that of any African country. It is nearly twice South Africa’s which is the largest on the continent. Had Guangdong been an independent country it would probably be among the top 20 world economies in the world.

Before the economic reforms (more…)

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One of the instruments used in the circumcision

One of the instruments used in the circumcision

A male circumcision procedure which does not involve surgery and is considered to be bloodless is to be implemented starting next month.

Health experts are positive the new circumcision method, dubbed PrePex, will positively compliment the ‘traditional’  surgical method, as the country ups the ante in safe male circumcision (SMC) to avert HIV incidences.

In 2007, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended SMC as one of the interventions in the fight against HIV, after trials in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa showed (more…)

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Three Ugandan stories:
Every other time I attend a church event in Uganda, the warnings to look out for pickpockets and all manner of thieves who come to steal from worshippers grow louder and louder.

And indeed, I gather, it is fairly common after – and sometimes during prayer – for a thief to be caught, taken outside, and whacked on holy grounds.
Most commentators who look at the bigger picture, argue that this is a measure of desperate economic times in Uganda (and indeed other countries like Kenya where the target is usually the Sunday collection itself).

The other big story, although it is no longer so hot in Uganda, is how much the old traditional Catholic and Protestant churches are losing flock to the newer Pentecostal churches that are hip, have great music, offer miracles, and where the “money-minded” pastors often pray for their flock to find love.
The third story (more…)

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Suspected child trafficker netted

Sandra Namutebi in blue top newvision

Sandra Namutebi in blue top

By Vision reporter

Parents of the babies recovered in an operation against suspected child traffickers will be subjected to a DNA test to ascertain their biological relationship, Police has said.  

On Tuesday, the Police found three babies, aged one to three months and a three year old boy at the home of Sandra Namutebi, a resident of Yesu Amala Zone in Nansana, a Kampala suburb.

Namutebi is being held at (more…)

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