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Ntungamo Rape victims who are dressed indecently have themselves to blame, according to Youth Affairs minister Ronald Kibule.

Addressing youth in Kajara County, Ntungamo District on Saturday, Mr Kibule said the police should instead charge the victims with inviting the crime.

The minister, who was attending the launch of Kajara Youth Development Cooperative and Savings Society, said the police must scrutinise each rape case reported to them to establish the dress code of the victim. He added that once it is established that the victim was indecently dressed, the suspect should be set free.

When this newspaper called him last evening to verify these reports, the minister reiterated his position, noting that indecent dressing was “an open invite to rapists”.

“I have talked to (more…)

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Mugabe wants rapists castrated

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has suggested castration of child rapists to curb the scourge, which he described as a rampant problem.

President Mugabe told lawmakers from his Zanu PF party after officially opening parliament on Tuesday that his new government must introduce stiffer penalties for rape.

“Fathers be aware. We are going to make it very, very tough for you,” he said. “No molestation of youngsters, not molestation of women.”

The 89 year-old leader said it was time to consider tougher sentences especially for child rapists.

“We are going to increase sentences,” President Mugabe said. “In the past there was death for rape but these days those campaigning for human rights say its inhuman, it dehumanises a person

“But these are people who (more…)

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Kibuule is no stranger to controversy

State minister for Youth Ronald Kibuule at a council meeting in Mukono last month.

State minister for Youth Ronald Kibuule at a council meeting in Mukono last month.


There was already enough about his public profile to attract less-than-approving whispers. He is after all, a 29-year-old Christian man, proud to be polygamous. But not even that was preparation enough for what the country’s State Minister for Youth uttered on Saturday last week.

No arrests should be made after an indecently dressed woman is raped, he said. And what makes a woman indecently-dressed-enough for rape, you may ask? That’s miniskirts, bikinis and tight jeans. Mr Ronald Kibuule trended on Twitter yesterday for all the wrong reasons. “I am a Ugandan youth. Kibuule might be the minister for Youth. But I state here that he does not represent me. Not with such an attitude,” tweeted Patience Atuhaire.

This was not the (more…)

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ON Tuesday, September 10, Members of Parliament (MPs) from across the political divide unanimously agreed that the budget for Internal Affairs ministry should not be passed unless the Government finds money for buying sanitary towels for female inmates.

On Wednesday, the State Minister for Internal Affairs, James Baba returned to the House and announced that the Government had found sh94.5m for sanitary towels.

This seems as if the Government had not prioritised the health of female prisoners and the health hazards associated with using unhealthy materials to manage the monthly periods.

On Tuesday, September 17, a week after, in Kenya, they launched a campaign dubbed “Keep the girl child in school”. Under this campaign, school going girls shall receive free sanitary towels throughout the year.

Lack of sanitary towel or pads as commonly referred to is not only problem for the female inmate but it (more…)

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Will our children be safe at campus?

STUDENTS returned to university and schools recently. However, are our children safe at campus? This is the question many parents must be asking especially as the first year students (freshers) report to campus.

This is a pertinent question that not only parents should be asking but all the stakeholders including the university administrations, the Government, student guilds, students themselves and the community.

Makerere University opened late on September 7, 2013 behind other universities due to the general staff strike that was successful or unsuccessful depending on which side you stand. And yet a motivated workforce is needed to protect the students and counter security threats on campus.

Choosing a post-secondary institution is a major decision for students and parents. Campus safety is a vital consideration when parents and students are choosing post-secondary institutions.

Universities have (more…)

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ASP. Charles Oriku (left) wears a resigned expression as he heads to jail with other suspects on Tuesday.

ASP. Charles Oriku (left) wears a resigned expression as he heads to jail with other suspects on Tuesday.

Charles Oriku, a senior police officer at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), represents an organ of government charged with overseeing peace and protecting people and their property. “To Serve and Protect”, read the Police motto.

And at 54 years of age, Oriku is (more…)

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Zhengjun during a court appearance before his disappearance

Zhengjun during a court appearance before his disappearance

KAMPALA – The High Court in Kampala has extended an international warrant of arrest that was issued recently for suspected Chinese paedophile Yang Zhengjun who is accused of aggravated child trafficking and defilement.

Zhengjun was recently released on bail but has since, together with his sureties and one of the defence lawyers, Andrew Ssebugwawo vanished.

This consequently stalled the trial of the case and prompted the trial judge, Joseph Murangira, to issue an international warrant of arrest for the suspect and his sureties that are yet to be arrested.

The same court has also denied Zhengjun’s co-accused, Faith Orlando, bail for fear vanishing like her co-accused.

The other defence lawyer, Yunusu Kasirivu had earlier on asked court to grant Orlando bail on claims that she was sick and needed proper medical attention which, according to him, could not be accessed from prison where she is currently being detained.

This however was contended by Murangira in agreement with the State Attorney. They expressed fear that Orlando might as well vanish further frustrating the trial.

Orlando was consequently further remanded and the matter adjourned to November 8.

“I cannot grant her (Orlando) bail because (more…)

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