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Ugandan traditional surgeons display circumcision knives before initiation ceremony

MBALE, Uganda – Uganda’s national campaign to help reduce HIV/AIDS transmission through male circumcision has taken an unexpected turn in eastern Uganda, where Bamasaba tribesmen forcibly circumcised more than 20 men in recent weeks.

Traditional male circumcision is an important cultural tradition for the eastern Ugandan ethnic group, for which the procedure represents entry into manhood. Every other year, the tribe holds a ritual circumcision ceremony called Imbalu. Although the decision to be circumcised is supposed (more…)

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UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe (UNAIDS)

More than eight million HIV positive people around the world are now receiving antiretroviral drug therapy, a 20 percent increase over the past year. The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, or UNAIDS, has released a new report prior to the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.

The latest UNAIDS report – Together We Will End AIDS – says nearly 1.4 million people were added to the treatment rolls last year alone. There are now (more…)

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Left: George Mukisa is able to play after undergoing penile reconstruction in Australia. RIGHT: Mukisa with Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga who was with him during the surgery.

He was born a normal child but lost his outer genitalia to a witchdoctor about two years ago. George Mukisa got an artificial penile during a two-week genital reconstruction surgery in Australia, a move that has normalised his urinal excretion.

 However, he cannot use it for urinating but only for identifying him as a man. His urethra was diverted and reconstructed so that he can urinate normally.

The five-year-old infant lost his genitals in October 2009 to ritual sacrifice performed by a witch doctor who lived near his home.

He was rescued by (more…)

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Muslim clergy should desist from offering teachings that encourage defilement and early marriages under the guise of fulfilling scriptures in the Holy Quran, a Muslim lawyer has said.

“For centuries, most Muslim leaders have grossly misquoted the Holy Quran and misguided their followers… This must immediately come to an end,” Ms Sauda Naiga, the executive director of the Muslim Centre for Justice and Law, told Muslim leaders at a workshop on gender, sexual and domestic violence in Mayuge Town Council recently.

She said whereas the law is (more…)

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Yi Ling says it took her a long time to admit who she really was

When I meet Yi Ling, her long black hair worn over her shoulder and a designer handbag slung over her arm, she is already quite a media personality.

Her story has been covered in both the Chinese and the international press. And no wonder.

At the age of 84 she is being billed as China’s oldest transsexual, after finally making her decision, just three years ago, to submit to a life-long yearning to live as a woman.

But very few foreign news organisations have travelled to her (more…)

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FGM:A woman’s experience at the thorns of culture

Pokot girls set for circumcision. The girls are circumcised as early nine years of age.

At nine years of age, a few young girls might be experiencing puberty. But the majority are probably not. They are playing with dolls, making new friends and studying in primary four, if they are lucky. About that same age, young girls are picking out hobbies they enjoy and beginning to discover who they really are. But when she was nine, Maria Chepokilipa was preparing to have her clitoris cut.

Chepokilipa belongs to the Pokot tribe. She stays in Amudat District in Karamoja, 20 kilometres away from the border of Kenya and Uganda. She is polite and shy; her eyes are focused on the ground most of the time.

When she walks, it is with (more…)

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Top sex slave dealer nabbed

Sad tale of how women are forced into sex trade in Asia

DECEPTIVE GAZE: Faith Karongo Nasasira in the dock

“Heartless” is how Grace* describes Faith Karongo Nasasira, the woman who has allegedly brought untold misery to dozens of unsuspecting Ugandan girls by trafficking them to China, Malaysia and now Turkey.

The girls, who are usually below 22 years, only get to know that they have been trafficked to work as prostitutes after touching down in China, where this woman who goes by more than four identities receives them.

According to police, she has several passports bearing different names, including: Karongo Faith, Mulinde Faith, Nnalongo Faith Naturinda and Natukunda Faith.

The light-skinned, 42-year-old woman, alongside (more…)

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