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The sex beast who infected a minor with HIV

A priest attached to Pakwach catholic parish in Nebbi Diocese has been locked up for 10 years for infecting a 15-year-old girl with HIV.

High court Judge Justice Yasin Nyanzi, on Thursday jailed Rev. Fr. Santos Constatino Wapokura , 47, for feeding his venomous whopper to the poor girl.

Court heard that Wapokura would lure the poor girl who was a maid at Pakwach catholic mission in his quarters and feast on her like a sex beast.

The girl said she told one of her friends about her nightmare and she encouraged her to report  to her parents.

This according to court prompted her father Santo Onyai to report the matter to police leading to Wapokura’s arrest. Wapokura had been on remand since May 5, 2010.

“I respect the decision (more…)

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Killer, Baguma Milton in chains at Motooma health center

The police in South Western Uganda are investigating the circumstances under which a newlywed woman was attacked and killed. Sources said that Hope Naturinda, a resident of Rutookye, Bitereko in Mitooma District was killed by Milton Baguma, who hails from the same village on Monday morning.

Hope tied the knot with Laban Muheebwa on June 9. Eyewitnesses told Red Pepper that Baguma on the fateful day, raided the home of the deceased armed with a sharp panga at around midday and chopped Naturinda into pieces.

He accused her of betraying him by refusing to marry him after eating his money. Reliable sources from Mitooma told this reporter that Baguma had for long been complaining (more…)

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Uganda remains a hub of human trafficking despite having made a number of strides towards fighting the global scourge, the US State Department said this week.

 The US annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, released on Tuesday by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, estimates that 27 million people are trapped in different forms of modern slavery worldwide.

“Traffickers prey on the hopes and dreams of those seeking a better life, and our goal should be to put those hopes and dreams back within reach,” Ms Clinton said at the launch of the report in Washington.

Human trafficking is widespread (more…)

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Members of a village in Cameroon …

Why the Pygmies of West Africa have such short stature, while neighboring groups don’t, has been somewhat of a mystery. Now new research suggests unique changes in the Pygmy’s genome have both led to adaptations for living in the forest as well as kept them short.

Researchers analyzed the genomes, the “building code” that directs how an organism is put together, of Western African Pygmies in Cameroon, whose men average 4 feet, 11 inches tall, and compared them with their neighboring relatives, the Bantus, who average 5 feet, 6 inches, to see whether these differences were genetic or a factor of their environment.

“There’s been (more…)

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Crossing rosaries:Roots of religious sectarianism in Uganda’s politics

Young boys attend a pre-baptism class at an unidentified place in Kampala. Foreign religion was one of the factors that divided Ugandans prior to independence and would continue to influence politics and the economy after 1962.

In Summary

Apart from tribe, another factor that divided the people of what came to be Uganda was religion. Not only did Christianity and Islam replace traditional beliefs, they forged a new sense of personal and political identity.

Sometime in 1910, the colonial administration arranged for Kabaka Daudi Chwa of Buganda to visit Britain. Controversy, however, soon broke out over the composition of his entourage.

Prince Joseph Musanje, who regular readers of this series might remember as one of the two Buganda princes ‘hidden’ by the Catholics in Bukoba, was named to the entourage as interpreter.

The Katikkiro, Sir Apolo Kaggwa, rejected his choice simply because Musanje was a Catholic. It was not the first time Musanje’s religion was (more…)

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Pregnancies among women on anti-retroviral treatment in Uganda have increased due to availability of anti-retroviral therapies, trend experts have said.

Experts are also worried that the increased pregnancies could lead to a rise in HIV positive babies.
Out of an estimated 1.5 million women who get pregnant in Uganda annually, about 160,000 are HIV positive.

Speaking to journalists that were attending a short course training in health reporting in Kampala last week, the acting HIV/Aids Control Programme manager, Dr Alex Ario, said women on ARTs had become more complacent accounting for a rise in pregnancies.

The head of research at Joint Clinical Research Centre, Dr Francis Kiweewa, said ARTs besides raising confidence of HIV positive women, the drugs also reduce the load (more…)

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How i strangled my 3-week old baby -19 year old mother

Written by Udeme Utip, Uyo Sunday, 17 June 2012

LIFE has always proved to be a paradox; when many millionaires are running from pillar to post asking God for even a child, many others term theirs unwanted and most often get rid of them by all means.

Such can be said to have been the case with a 19-year-old lady, Nsidibe Sunday Effiong, in Akwa Ibom State, who out of frustration strangled her three-week-old baby and dumped her in a pit toilet.

Nsidibe, who hails from Ikot Abasi Idem Village in Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, was arrested and paraded at the Ikot Akpan, Abia headquarters of the Akwa Ibom state police command recently for the crime which she admitted to during interrogation.

Narrating her story to Crime Features, Nsidibe who was paraded alongside other crime suspects by the police command lamented that she dropped out of school while she was in Junior Secondary School 3, (JSS3) when she was pregnant with her first baby.

She said (more…)

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