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Abortion pills sold over the counter in Kampala!

Picture of pregnant woman and the pills that our writer procured for the supposed abortion

IN Uganda buying abortion pills has become as easy as buying sweets. Our undercover reporter went to a number of pharmacies in Kampala and procured the pills, to find out how easy it is.

In total disregard of the law and professional ethics, pharmacies dish out the pills to any girl who wants them. Sadly, these pills can kill. Up to 1,200 girls die in Uganda every year while trying to abort.

After getting information that abortion pills are sold in town openly, I decided to go to the city centre to find out how easy or hard it is to get the killer pills.

First was a pharmacy on Luwum Street. At the counter were (more…)

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She is a manager at 19

She is a manager at 19

Furaha on stage after she had won the Anizsha Award.

As she seats in a sisal chair outside the offices of Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan (COBURWAS) International Youth Organisation an entrepreneurial organisation of youths in Africa in Buziga, Antoinette Furaha looks over 25, but she is only 19. Fate has taught her to act maturely and in a way has helped her prosper.

She is the fourth born in a family of seven and came into Uganda as a refugee from Congo in 1998. She settled in Kyangwali Camp in Hoima District with her family. “After our father was murdered during the war in Congo, our mother decided that we should go to the camp. We went to various camps in Congo, but they were not safe.

In 1997, we left Congo and went to Nyakabande camp in Kisoro but it was not any different from the ones in Congo. We had to go back to Congo. The rebels killed people, took our property and we were living in fear. Our mother once again decided that we move (more…)

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Speaker Kadaga pleads for abused women

Sexually abused women should be given opportunity to tell their experiences to the heads of state during the International Conference on the Great Lakes region.

The Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, made the remarks yesterday while addressing the organisers of the event and MPs. The one-week event will start next week at the Speke Resort Munyonyo.

She was speaking at the opening of the one-day workshop to orient legislators on the importance of the organisation at the Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday.

Kadaga urged the organisers to allow women who were sexually abused during times of conflict to give first-hand accounts to the 11 heads of state expected to attend the meeting.

“After war, many women have painful experiences (more…)

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Ugandan adolescent don’t discuss sex with parents

By Deusdedit Ruhangariyo in Dakar, Senegal

CULTURE in Uganda forbids adolescents to talk about sex and yet they know much about it. 71% of female and 64% of male adolescents of 10 – 14 year age bracket have never talked with their parents about sex related issues.

The result of this is a high teenage pregnancy rate of 25% in Uganda.

Pregnancy is a major cause of girls dropping out of school and contributes to the high teenage child bearing and abortions which contribute to the high maternal death rate in Uganda.

All this was contained in a presentation entitled “Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young Adolescents in Uganda – Learning lessons” by David Kafamba.

Kafamba is the Program Manager of the Youth Truck, a mobile service for children and youth in Uganda of the Deutsche (more…)

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