HALEA with its partner: Pearl Vocational Training college organized three talent search shows at the college in 2016. This tradition of promoting talents has continued to be organized every end of term.

Our talents search videos can be seen on HALEA website: www.haleauganda.org/

Talent Search

On 19th September, 2015, HALEA shall have a Talent Search Show at Bat Valley Primary School Main Hall from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. On this show, teens, youths and young mothers who have been undergoing training throughout the year, will showcase what they have learnt through singing, dancing, musical plays and drama which among others portray the critical things affecting them and the community plus airing out different messages regarding Human Rights, Religious and cultural myths that need agent attention as well as social, economic and political challenges.
On that day, we have invited a number of guests most especially Politicians and Government Stakeholders who can always table our views to those concerned. The guests include Kampala Central Members of Parliament (Hon. Mohammed Nsereko and Hon. Nabiira Naggayi), Mayors and Youth Councilors of Kampala Central Division where we work.
Dear all,

we join our voice to those of  many others who are condemning the barbaric act done in Paris this week and all acts committed in the name of God, gods or Allah anywhere in the world. Below is our statement:

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 A paper presented by Kato Mukasa at the Open Talk Debate on 10 October at Fair Way Hotel

Abortion is one of the most sensitive and controversial topics today. MANY women and girls continue to get rid of unwanted pregnancies in unsafe ways and get serious medical and psychological complications and many equally lose their lives. Many Women and girls use abortion as the illegal method of family planning.


2015_12$largeimg222_Dec_2015_192041100By Joyce Namutebi

Parliamentarians across the world in 2015 continued to face too many dangers that prevented or hampered their work, representing a real and on-going threat to democracy, a report has said.

The 2015 report released by the IPU headquarters in Geneva said that during the year, the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians has worked on cases involving 320 MPs in 43 countries, up from 311 cases in 40 countries in 2014 and 270 cases in 40 countries in 2013. Continue Reading »

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud

Somalia’s Federal government on Tuesday banned the celebrations of Christmas and New Year in the capital Mogadishu, an official has said.

Director General of Somalia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow announced the decision in a press conference held in Mogadishu along with the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Religious Council (SRC), Sheikh Nur Barud Gurhan. Continue Reading »

2015_12$largeimg222_Dec_2015_201743770OSLO – A Norwegian drug firm on Tuesday announced an advance in its quest for an HIV cure with a drug combination which seeks to force the virus out of its hiding place and kill it.

A trial with 17 HIV-positive patients yielded a “statistically signficant decrease” in the virus, biotech firm Bionor announced.
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2015_12$largeimg209_Dec_2015_080957240By Duncan Kushaba

Most of us grew up watching the sitcom ‘Two and A Half Men’ in which Charlie Sheen starred. A few weeks ago he came out on National Television about his HIV Positive status and now he has been sued for $5 Million by his ex-fiancé Brett Rossi.

Charlie Sheen is slamming claims made by his ex-fiancee Brett Rossi in the $5million lawsuit she filed against the actor last week.
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KYENJOJO: Police in Kyenjojo district are investigating circumstances under which a 50 year old woman Jackline Dataya was beheaded on Monday early morning.
The incident happened at her home in Muhokya village, Kigoyera parish, Kyembogo Sub County in Kyenjojo district.

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Even when a dream is not about real life events, it still remains a real dream. In my dream, four young men turned up to arrest me for… Like many dreams, I could not connect the dots. I guess it was preventive arrest. However, I remember us discussing why the economy had not created many opportunities for them and their peers. The discussion was diversionary as I later tried to run into the bush before they caught me and I woke up! We wondered whether Uganda had good economic policies as some have claimed and, if so, why the development outcome has offered few opportunities for almost everybody – not just the youth.

In 2011, I went to do some work in Bujumbura, Burundi. The work involved visiting the departments of Judiciary and Prisons and the Police. Even coming from Uganda where corruption is so rampant did not insulate me from the extreme shock at the levels of corruption within the State infrastructure. For example, while Continue Reading »

2015_12$largeimg208_Dec_2015_072642760WASHINGTON – Johns Hopkins University doctors are preparing for what would be the first US penis transplant, a procedure that could potentially help hundreds of wounded veterans.

A Johns Hopkins spokeswoman confirmed a New York Times report that the first such operation was planned for a soldier who suffered genital injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.
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Violence against women

By Kathryn Wilkes

The United Nations designated 16 Days of Activism to galvanise action for the elimination of violence against women.
Much will be said and written about domestic violence, child marriage, and sexual assault – as there should be.

But there is another form of gender-based violence that plagues women in Uganda:  land grabbing from widows and orphans. Continue Reading »